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Welcome to Coaches4Causes

We represent a group of coaches willing to donate time, energy and passion to worthwhile causes. We welcome inquiries from across the world whether you are interested in offering coaching services, know of worthwhile causes or represent a cause who would value and benefit from coaching assistance.

Please explore our website and if you are interested in further information contact Suzanne Weeks at

Coaches4Causes is an Initiative of Group Relations International, a non-profit organization which is simply trying to make the world a better place. We do this particularly through attention to Social Justice, Group Relations and Spirituality.

Group Relations International
4323 Santa Monica Ave
San Diego, CA 92107

Coaches4Causes was started by René Molenkamp and Christine Davies in March 2010.

C4C was conceived when a group of executive coaches talked about the desire to do volunteer work especially when it matched their professional qualifications and their personal orientations for causes in society. It has grown slowly over time to encompass 20 coaches willing to donate their time, energy and passion to worthwhile causes. We are, and are likely to remain, however a small organization staffed by passionate volunteers from across the world. Practically therefore, we find that we need to take on new causes in a reasonably manageable way carefully choosing causes which match the expertise and interests of our coaches so there is the greatest chance of a successful relationship.

We try to respond quickly to inquiries.  

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