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Thank you for your interest in coaches4causes. You will see from our list of existing coaches that we have coaches located in a range of countries but we are always interested in increasing our geographical spread, the number of languages we can potentially offer coaching in and our mix of skills and experience. If you see a potential gap that you think you can fill we would love to hear from you. In addition we have been working with great causes for some time and we are learning all the time how we can best support them. This has helped us formulate an initial check sheet which may also be helpful if you are interested in exploring further involvement with us.

It is important that you are able to answer yes to the following statements:

  • You have at least five years formal coaching experience (by formal we mean working as a coach, rather than using coaching skills in your day job) and preferably have some coaching qualifications.

  • You are able to give a minimum of 10 hours over a twelve month period to the cause you choose to work with though of course you can offer more time commensurate with your energy and desire. Generally we leave it to the coach and the cause to agree on the exact timing and duration of coaching sessions.

  • You would like to be involved in supporting and growing the coaches4causes community by sharing information and experience, responding to calls for support from fellow coaches, participating in occasional team discussions on line or by Skype and by suggesting or directing causes to this pool of coaching resources and so respecting the principle of reciprocity.

  • You are able to differentiate between coaching and mentoring and make sure the responsibility for action and success rests with the coachee. Coaches4causes clients can be highly vulnerable to suggestion when it comes to improving their business and strong boundaries and experience here are essential.

How it works
There are, in general, no fees involved in the coaching. The coach can specify their preferred orientations, for example: education, young people, people in the arts, government workers, etc. You can work with one or more causes according to your own individual circumstances and capacity.

To maximize the capacity for learning and growth of both coach and cause we find that it works best if we match coaches with causes located in a different country. This means that, realistically, most coaching conversations take place by Skype or the equivalent.

If you interested in exploring further please feel free to contact Suzanne Weeks, at

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