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ZACHARY provides coaching and consultation to organizations ranging from local non-profit advocacy groups serving the homeless to multinational organizations focused on global development. For more than a decade his coaching has been primarily with top leaders and high potential managers at the World Bank. Originally a psychologist by training, Zachary is also a professor in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego. His teaching, writing, and coaching focuses on group behavior, human development, identity, dialogue, negotiations, and love. Increasingly his work attends to issues of mindfulness, consciousness, reflective practice, and spirit-centered action. His passion is working with “next generation” social justice leaders and activists, especially those with rough edges and unbridled passion.


SUZANNE has dedicated her professional energy and commitment to coaching since 2007, working with senior and middle management professionals in NGOs, family businesses and corporations. Understanding not just “what” we can improve but also “what makes it hard to change” is much of her work, such that cause is central to Suzanne’s work. She is interested in coaching in educational settings, NGO’s focussed on aid and healthcare and animal protection.


DEREK’s first coaching experience was 10 years ago when two of his therapy clients brought work related issues into their therapy. Over the subsequent years he has taken on people in CEO roles for coaching and he further work with Business Schools on leadership development. Derek is interested in working with people who provide child services. He likes working with role, authority, team dynamics and performance.


RUSSEL comes with extensive experience of coaching leaders around leadership effectiveness, development and change, informed by Gestalt and Emotional Intelligence influences. He is interested in coaching leaders

focused on social justice and social development who aspire to grow personal and/or team effectiveness and create compelling new possibilities.


ANJET is a sculptor and a guide. For nearly 20 years she worked in and with engineering and manufacturing companies, a university and a religious organisation, helping leaders and their teams navigate complex transitions. Now, after a year of quiet reflection and stonework, she is returning to her people practice as a guide for leaders of working communities. In her work with people and stones she explores how relationships influence the flow of primary energy in a field. She is interested in working with anyone who wants to explore the spirit and purpose that fuel their organization: How are wé creating boundaries and space? What influences the flow of energy in this working community? Why – are – we – here – now?

RENE works with global senior executives at IMD. Leadership, group dynamics, authority, and role analysis are some of the concepts he works with. He incorporates mindfulness, reflection and spirituality in his coaching practice. He teaches group dynamics and executive coaching at teh University of San Diego. He is interested in working in the non-profit sector, particularly with social justice and humanitarian organizations.


What DORIS is most passionate about in her coaching practice is supporting people as they discover how to use their (hidden) potential to address the challenges they face within the complex systems that they live. Her coaching work spans the last 10 years and she has worked in variety of settings from education, to industry and service providers to non-profit organizations. She has worked both from her own organization, Contorno Consulting as well as linked with other organizations most notably including three years working with the Center for Creative Leadership. She is particularly interested in education and institutions focussed on the arts as well as creating more just and life nourishing (social) systems


STEPHEN has made the switch from international correspondent to coach and forest farmer. He set up the Gaia Coach Institute as a learning community for personal and planetary renewal and is now seeking investors for a community forest farm. He likes to coach individuals with an independent streak who feel driven to make their mark and nudge the world towards greater sanity and love.


NICOLE offers her clients a calm, quiet and safe space to explore the deeper truth of their own being and how they relate to the system(s) around them. In working with leaders inside large corporations and smaller entities, she has seen the tremendous benefit of helping them connect to their inner self and that of others, creating sustainable and lasting movement towards a more wholesome, beneficial way of being in relation and creating results together.  In recent years, her work has focused on supporting leaders to understand the impact of their way of being in the world on their success and exploring alternatives to their habitual patterns of behavior.

CHRISTINE has worked on the implementation of a national executive coaching framework for the NHS in Wales, with over 10 years direct experience in executive and leadership coaching. Clients come primarily from public and third sectors. She is fascinated to work with coaching clients on releasing individual and collective creative leadership potential, working on edges that transcend traditional or perceived boundaries. Christine is passionate about enabling leaders of organizations focused on achieving the challenges of the Millenium.


SONIA is a certified Immunity-to-Change coach who supports personal and organisational development drawing on her extensive corporate experience in leadership roles and her specialisation in change management. Sonia works with managers and leaders in transition facilitating meaningful change that enables them to fulfill their true potential in personal development and business effectiveness. Whilst her corporate experience is mostly in Banking, Sonia works with individuals and organisations across a broad spectrum of industries. She aspires to gradually shift her focus to Education and Health.


Whether its coaching high performing athletes or high performing executives TY enjoys work with people and organizations that are looking to move beyond the ordinary and dare to dream; where possibility meets potential. Ty has worked across the spectrum of businesses; from a premium entertainment organization, to public service organizations, to a highly specialized US federal government agency in the midst of a seismic organizational change. In every case Ty has enjoyed working senior executives and teams that are working to make a difference in the lives of their organizations.


JANE has worked as a coach for over 15 years focused on executive and leadership development with a range of clients primarily in the research and development, academic and professional service sectors. She is passionate about working with people around significant career transitions and helping clients grow and develop into all that they are capable of. Jane loves working with people in the broad research, academic and education sector but is open to working with anyone interested in developing their own leadership potential.


MICHAEL coaches people who want to lead more effectively and who seek to find and follow their passion. He teaches leadership and group dynamics at the University of Maryland. He is especially interested in working with Executive Directors and Board presidents of non-profits and LGBT rights organizations.


PARA maintains an independent clinical, coaching and consulting practice in New York City, working with a wide range of organizations, teams and individuals. She works with senior and middle managers from a variety of industries, including government, not-for-profit, global corporations, and family owned businesses. Since 2002, she has been a coach on many of IMD’s leadership programs. Likely due to her own bi-cultural background and diverse social identities, she finds it particularly satisfying to work with a broad range of clients in diverse contexts. Most recently, she worked extensively on the Navajo Indian Reservation providing clinical care and management coaching aimed at expanding culturally relevant services and sustainable health care systems for the local community.


PETER directs the Chesapeake Center for Public Leadership in Washington DC which has a special emphasis on developing the capacity of public elected and appointed officials. In addition, Peter works with senior executives at IMD and INSEAD business schools. Peter is especially interested in working with public sector leaders. especially those who see themselves as social justice oriented.


BRIGID is a Principal Consultant with Innovative Practice and has been consulting to a wide range of organisations over the past 20 years. A big part of her practice has been working one-to-one with individuals in Organisational Role Analysis. This is an approach to coaching that opens up a different kind of reflective space. It is an opportunity to explore and gain insight into the experience of being in role in organisation. By examining different dimensions of this experience (eg. person, context, organisation and spirit) the individual finds greater clarity and freedom to make a difference in ways that he/she consciously chooses. Brigid also teaches in a Master in Organisation Dynamics program.

LALLIA is dedicated to help people explore their full potential. She is passionate and committed to use her talents and expertise to help clients explore their strength, build solid foundations, and embrace change. She serves on the District English Advisory Council of the San Diego Unified School District and she is leading the educational committee to address the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim children attending public schools. 


As a seasoned consultant and coach, Wendy is committed to sharing her knowledge, experience and wisdom with others. She is an experienced consultant with a track record in delivering change projects across organizations in the USA, Asia and Australia. She leads implementations with a blend of innovative project and change management tools and best practice approaches to deliver the project with agility, accountability and clarity. Her work focuses on dealing with the uncertainty and unpredictability that comes with workplace change so that people transition successfully to new ways of working. Wendy's career spans the consulting, healthcare, insurance, not for profit and government sectors. 

Azadeh offers coaching and consultation to ­individuals and organizations to co-create intentional change to maximize their growth. She has worked with international organizations such as UN, UNICEF, and WHO as well as multinational corporations, NGOs, and universities. As an organizational consultant and coach, her interest is to create a deeper understanding of self, others, and system to develop intercultural dialogue and collaboration. Her passion is to increasingly attend issues of diversity, inclusion, equality, mindfulness, consciousness, and reflective practices in leadership. 

David helps leaders to find and ride their edge - both professionally and personally. From naming and facing outright fears, to identifying the subtle hesitations that box us in and prevent us from living a fully expressed life. David is your guide as you grow into the next version of you as leader, and human being.

Bo comes with experience coaching professionals around conscious leadership and utilizing reflection to analyze situations to promote self-awareness and enhance group dynamics. She has completed the leadership coaching program at the University of San Diego. Bo is interested in coaching leaders who are self-reflective, wanting to learn more about listening to their inner voice as they develop relationships and work toward discovering new opportunities.  

Susan partners with successful people and teams to help them achieve the results they want. With excellent process and functional business knowledge, she brings passion, energy and clarity to each engagement with an outcome-oriented focus. Susan has more than 20 years of multi-national enterprise experience.

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